Double Saloon

£1,925.71 £1,349.00

  • Mattress is included in the price.
  • Mattress sizes: Width 140cm , Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

Double Saloon is an ideal product especially for furnishing studio apartments. It saves a big area in your room with a  hidden double bed, a TV unit, shelves for decoration and books and an extra wardrobe modules. Bed is hidden behind the side-ways sliding two shelves. This furniture renders a nice decorative TV unit when its bed is closed.

Mattress sizes: Width 140cm , Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

If you are looking at a Multimo smart furniture, get ready for pretty surprises! Even it seems like a TV unit, it is never only a TV unit!

With Diva Saloon, you have all of the room for yourself in daytime and open the bed only whenever you need it. You will also be happy to host your over-night guests with this double bed, which does not occupy a seperate room in your apartment.

The mattress, which has standard sizes that can be easily found in the market places, is also available in Multimo store.

Diva Saloon has 300cm width, 208cm height, 44 cm bed-closed depth and 211cm bed-open depth.

As our all products, Diva Saloon is produced with materials in EU quality standarts. Folding bed mechanism, also designed and produced by Multimo, has a minimum 10 years of lifetime and this period may extend much longer depending on a careful usage. 25 years old Multimo products are still working and being used in homes and offices safely.

The mattress base is supported by aluminium frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing the durableness.

All visible or hidden edges are PVC banded.

Product Measurements; Width Height Closed Depth Open Depth
Double Saloon 313 cm 216 cm 44 cm 221 cm

Technical Drawing