Diva Studio 5

£1,570.00 £1,299.00

  • Mattress is included in the price.
  • Mattress size: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

This is a smart furniture that meets all needs of a teenager room in a single unit across only 2m long wall.

This transformable unit combines a vertically opening single bed, a wide wardrobe with drawers and cabinet, a desk, a bookcase and a decorative mirror. Here you have everything for a teenager room with only a single transformable furniture. Bed side can change.

Diva Studio 5 is a full teenager room set across 2 m long wall.

Mattress sizes: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

We combined all functions needed for a teenager room across a 2m long wall. Meet our smart furniture Diva Studio 5 which comes out with many functions.

Wardrobe of Diva Studio 5 presents a very wide storage with drawers and cabinet. Bed is produced in stadart sizes and designed to provide full comfort for sleeping and using in small rooms.

Our product has 199cm width, 208cm height, 112cm depth including the desk and 212cm depth when the bed is open.

As the houses and apartments in the new buildings get smaller, the need for space saving furnitures increases. With Diva Studio 5, you can freely use the desk and wardobe sections when your bed is closed. In the night, you can easily open your bed with a few small moves and sleep comfortably.

Since the bed does not occupy any space in a room during the daytime, that space remains for living.

One of the frequently asked questions about the foldable beds is about the risk of opening/closing of the bed itself, without you know. Multimo Furniture ensures opening and closing function of all wall beds with gas-springs. These gas-springs only operate when an opposite-power applied. This means, if a certain man-power is not applied, the system does not open or close itself, so the bed does not move.

The mattress base is supported by aluminium frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing the durableness.

Technical Drawing