Diva Nitro

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  • The mattress is not included in the price.
  • Mattress size: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18 cm

Diva Nitro: £1299.00

Diva Single Wardrobe: £249.00 (Each)

Single wall bed, 2m wide desk, bookcase and closets are together in one unit.. You can use as a bed or as a desk. You do not need to remove any items from your desk before opening or closing your bed. Special mechanism always keeps the desk parallel to the floor during opening and closing. So all of your items can safely stay on the desk.

Mattress size: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

We combined a bed, a bookcase, closets and a desk together only across a 2m long wall.

Thanks to this special mechanism designed and produced by Multimo, the items on the desk does not move or fall down during the opening or closing of the bed. Thus, you do not need to clear the desk from your items for opening your bed.

Folding bed mechanism, also designed and produced by Multimo, has a minimum 10 years of lifetime and this period may extend much longer depending on a careful usage. Today, many people still use their 25 years old Multimo products in many homes.

As our all products, Diva Nitro is produced with materials in EU quality standards.

Our product has 205cm width, 208cm height, 45cm bed-closed depth and 110cm bed-open depth. Below, you can see a detailed technical drawing.

With a wall bed, you will open free space in your room during the daytime. You can use this free space for working thanks to desk function of our wall bed. Today, houses are getting even smaller and finding space for furniture has become a challenge. Multimo offers space saving solutions for opening more space in your houses and rooms with multifunctional and foldable furniture.

The mattress base is supported by an aluminum frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing the durableness.

Technical Drawing